Thursday, 11 April 2013

Blast From The Past

A new monthly blog feature at e-scape and scrap, you can catch up on all the details on their blog here. Some designers have their products on special too, great time to grab a bargain with some of the old favorites.

Here is my own Blast from the Past and lots more on the blog to be seen.


Some new products in store also today, more about that later. First I wanted to talk a little about Art Journaling. A few months back well around Christmas time I came across a site called Art Heart Healing which is a mixed media site for art journaling called Willowing (well worth a visit)  I was very quickly addicted and surprised myself at how easy this process is and it seems that digital art journaling is becoming very popular too. I had seen Tangie Baxters Art Caravan Journaling before but hadn't taken that much notice at the time and I recently came across Tangie's blog again a few weeks back. You probably guessed that I joined up to the 2013 Art Caravan Classes and I am having a ball, its absolutely fabulous, so I am hooked and not to mention how much more I am learning about the digi world. Well that brings me onto my new product in store today some digi stamps just perfect for using on your art journaling, plus a few more other products to see. 

Stamps for Seasons are in both my stores below

A new set of Art Papers again in both stores in the links below


Lastly Spring Love, I love the soft lemons and greens in this kit...


See you all again soon take care and have a fabulous evening...

ooopppps forgot to mention that there are some new freebies in my stores too check them out.


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Coupon Code

Its good to be back the last month has been quite unpleasant and if you have been struck by the Flu virus which is currently going around you will know exactly what I mean, yep I have been down with the Flu in the 4th week now and still have not been able to clear it u completely. But so glad that I now feel much better than two weeks ago .

I just wanted to quickly share with you my coupon code which is for 50% of all my products at the nuts4digi store.

 Image is linked.