Out of frame is also known as an OOB short for Ot Of Bounds. Here is a photo having a part which is outside the frame area, its a great way to add some interest to your layouts and I think ou will be pleasantly surprised at how easy this technique is to apply. You will find a step by step guide below.

Step By Step Guide To Out Of The Frame

Place your photo underneath the frame, making sure some of it like an arm, leg or head is outside and under the frame.
Make sure your photo is the exact colour/sharpness and size as you will not be able to make these changes later. Copy your photo using control/command J.
Move your duplicate photograph layer above the frame and using your eraser (keyboard shortcut E) erase the background around the area which will be visible outside the frame area. This should leave the extracted body part over the frame.

Now you will need to add a drop shadow, don’t worry about the shadow being in other parts. You will need to put the shadow onto a new layer. To do this right click on the FX symbol and click on create layer. You should now have the shadow in its own layer.
Here is where you will delete the shadow over the main part of the photograph up to the inner edge of the frame. 

You should now have part of your photo hanging over the frame with its own shadow in its own layer and you can now edit the shadow layer to look exactly how you wish it to.

This same exact method can be used on other items for example curled corners or on elements where you only want a part of it to be on top of something else.

You can use this method on a few other things too - like curled up corners of paper or in part of your cluster when one part should be over another.
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