Saturday, 30 July 2011

Day Twenty One Freebie- Vintage Wall Plaque

Hi all, just playing catch up today so here is yesterday's freebie, hope to get today's uploaded a bit later too...

Did you notice the blog header, that's what has been holding me up as I needed to spend some time updated the blog and creating some new and matching logo's ready for the 1st of September when I will be opening up shop at Digi Sisters. There is a new matching kit preview too, so I guess you could say I am testeing the water's out here, hope you like the new look.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Day Twenty Freebie - Vintage Worn Frame

Phew! nearly forgot to uload today's freebie, just managed to get it done for you.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Day Nineteen Freebie - Vintage Heart Trinket Box

Morning everyone, I have a set of heart shaped trinket boxes for you today, I have applied three different styles for to choose from a glossy varnish look, cracked antique look and a crinkled look. I have a spelling mistake on the preview for trinket but don't have the time to go back and correct it, so just ignore that one lol, maybe if I had not mentioned you would not notice, but that's me will own up to anything! Don't you just hate it when you have completed everything zipped it all up and uploaded only to find there is a nagging tiny error, oh well that's life I guess.

The preview.....

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Day Eighteen Freebie - Vintage Papers

Hi all, sorry to all for being a bit late today but here is today's freebie. But first a quick reminder on the opportunity to win that gift voucher to spend at Loucee Creations store, some names have been coming in now and the winner will be announced on the 6th August. To see the details and have a chance to enter see this post here

A few more papers to add to your collection...

Monday, 25 July 2011

Day Seventeen Freebie - Vintage Stitched Journal Mat

Hi all, hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the good weather while it was around. Well day seventeen here is here and past the half way mark, you have thirteen days to grab all these freebies before they all go into one kit to go on sale.

Which leads me onto my good news as I will be putting my kits on sale for the first time at Digi Sisters on the 1st September, Digi Sisters is a new scrapbooking site and I am quite excited about being part of something new, hope you have time to come along and visit.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Freebie Day Sixteen - Vintage Fan

Finally some sunshine,m don't think it will last long though 'sigh' so making the most of it while its here and been doing some gardening and now I am shattered, feel like I could sleep all evening but I wont be, hate going to bed and not being able to go to sleep coz iv'e had a nap!

So today I have a vintage fan for you, hope you like it...

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Day Fifteen - Vintage Postcards

I thought I would share some info about the paper I created on yesterday's freebie as one of the ladies who downloaded it recognised some the names. I have a picture of my great grandmdother which has some lovely artwork on the backside which was my inspiration for yesterdays paper. I have been trying to find out some history about the photographers Williams & Williams without much success, but I do know that this picture is likely to be over 100 years old!


I have a small colection of vintage postcards which have been kept in the family bible and I have decided to share a few of these with you in today's freebie, I do hope you will find a use for them in your scrapbooking or craft work.

A few photo's of the bible where I found the postcards

Sarah An Speed is the lady in the photo above.

There is a total thirteen children !!

I dont have a photo of the cover of my bible and another family member has it at the moment, but here is an exact photo of the one I own.

Now for today's preview and freebie link..... 

Friday, 22 July 2011

Day Fourteen Freebie - Postcard Paper

Just a quickie paper today, still playing catch up for now but I have some news for you later next week, and loads to talk about. But for now I have to get a break.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Day Thirteen Freebie - Vintage Cluster

Wooo hoo I am all caught up now, pleased to have managed to get today's freebie done, but I dont have anything ready for tomorrow yet and I know I have a heavy schedule tomorrow so I may have to play catch up again on Friday or the weekend, hope you will all understand.

Day Twelve Freebie - Vintage Brads & Buttons

Hi all, well day twelve is finaly here, a day late but I really am chasing my tail at the moment so much to do not enough hours, you know the picture im sure.

A nice little set of brads & buttons for you today.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Day Eleven Freebie - Pearl Flourish

Hi all, well its still grumpy and wet here cant wait for some sunny days!!!  we need some summer before its too late, one can only hope. Hope its nicer where you are.

Another freebie today for you, gosh we are nearly half way through this challenge, dont forget to grab your freebies of this kit daily coz at the end of the month its all goin to be packed into one kit to go on sale :-) I am really looking forward to seeing my first sale kit.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Day Ten- Vintage Papers

Hi all, I am a bit late uploading the file today dont know if you read yesterday's post but I am quite busy at the moment making this journal book for my grandson to give to his teacher at the end of term, wow they sure are alot of work and tomorrow is my grandaughters 9th birthday so I am struggling to keep up here. I dont' have anything ready yet for tomorrow so if I dont post up a freebie for day eleven I promise it will be there eventually. I have some ribbons, brads and pearls planned for the next few days, so don't worry if I am late or not around for a while I will be back.

Today is a simple one had to be some papers due to time limitations hope you don't mind to much.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Day NIne Freebie - Vintage Tag Set

Morning all, its not a nice one here today the rain is falling and its chilly but the gardens are thankful, well mine is anyway, the lawn was yellow and the plants looking very sorry for themselves after a long period of hardly any rain at all, so I wont complain to much although it would be nice to have some proper sunshine too.

I have a busy weekend here, I am making my first Journal album for my grandson to give to his teacher at the end of term next week and I really need to get it finished over the next couple of days. So today I have some tags journal tags for you.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Day Eight Freebie - Vintage Oval Frame

Morning All, dont have to much time this morning as I am off to see my grandson in his school play so a quick post with todays freebie.

This is the one which was giving me some grief and I ened up starting over with it and turned out much better that the first. Links below the preview, hope you have a great day.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Day Seven Freebie - Pastel Rose Paper

Hi all hope you are all well today...

Just a simple paper freebie today, I have some elements in progress but one I want to revamp as not to happy with results yet and the other one I want to add a couple more items to. The second paper is another pink one I guess it will be easier to do all the pinks first and then move onto the other colours in the palette.

See you all tomorrow have a great day, gotta dash I have some creating to do :-)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Day Six Freebie - Vintage Pocket Watch

Hi all another lovely day and I have your next freebie but first of all I would like to say to you all a very big Thank You for your support and I really appreciate you visiting everyday to pick up my freebies and leave me your lovely comments, it makes me very happy and all the work worth while, thank you to you all.

Today I have a vintage pocket watch and even though I say it myself the end result was pretty amazing it almost looks real as if I have photographed it but apart from the chain, which is taken from my grandfathers pocket watch that I own, the watch itself was made from scratch. The frame around the  watch I created using some filters to get the gold black effects and the watch face was made using some blending modes and crack brushes, it kind of has a cracked mother of pearl look, it is amazing what you can do in photoshop, dont you think?  So all in all I was kind of pleased with this one too and I hope you are.

I will be making some papers over the next couple of days though as I need something to use when creating some more elements, I also have some tags in the making. I thought you might like to see the colour palette that I am using, mainly on the papers, so you can have a peek at that below along with a scrap page I have created using the kit so far. Dont forget to send me a link to view your scrap pages too, I would lurveeeeee to see what you create with it and more than happy to display your pages here on my blog too.

Another reminder about the competition I mentioned yesterday, I am looking for some help choosing a name for the kit and the winner will receive a gift voucher to spend at Loucee Creations store. All you need to do is leave a comment stating your chosen name and the winner will be drawn on the 6th August, I think I said the 6th, just check yesterday's post as I have a touch of memory loss this morning lol.

and the colour palette

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Day Five Freebie - Vintage LoveLetters

Well we are on day five now I hope everyone is having fun with these freebies coz they are only going to be available for the duration of the 30 days as I will be packaging them all into one kit to go on sale - my first kit to go on sale :-)  so be sure to get them all before the end of the month. The freebie links will be removed 24 hours after last freebie goes up.

Some tags and papers over the next couple of days will be on offer but still waiting to hear if anyone has any special requests.


I always seem to struggle when picking names for my kits so I am going to run a competition and ask all you lovely guys to suggest some names for the this kit and the lucky winner will recieve from me a gift voucher to spend in one of Loucee Creations store. Loucee is a very talented designer who has some gorgous kits available, you cant help but love them all.

If you would like the chance to own one of Loucee's kit all you need to do is leave a comment here stating your chosen name for this vintage kit and the winner will be chosen on day 30 which will be the 6th August.

Check out Loucee's kits here

Now time for todays freebie

Monday, 11 July 2011

Day Four Freebie - Vintage Floral Shoe

I am really excited about today's freebie as it is my favourite so far, it took me hours to create this one but am really pleased with the results so I hope you are too. I added some rosebuds to the element this morning and could not make up my mind which one I liked most, so I thought why not just put both files in  and you can choose which one to use. You may have to look hard to see the difference though lol.

Now I am having real issues using Skydrive for some reason it its doing some real wierd stuff with the files so I have removed all Skydrive links and I will have to have a rethink on this problem, so for the time being we will just be using 4 Shared until I can find a solution to the problem. Most of the time 4 Shared fares quite well and it is only the odd download that seems tobe presenting a problem for some. Again if you have any issues with 4 Shared drop me a email and I will forward the file by email.

As you know I celebrated my anniversary yesterday and promised some photo's eeekkkk - I forgot to take my camera with me... hahahaha can you believe it, I can, have a head like a sieve lately. Anyway I have got some photo's of the lovely roses my DH bought me so I will upload those later and add them on here.

But for now here is your link to today's freebie, hope you like it.

Download Link here

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Day Three Freebie - Vintage Frame, Calling Card & Journal Mat

Hi All,

Sorry I am a little late today but we are celebrating our 34th Wedding Anniversary along with spending some time in the garden as the weather is gorgous today. I knew I should of uploaded this file late last night. Will be going out later for a meal so If I get some nice photo's I will share them with you tomorrow.

Before I put the preview up I would like to ask you if there is any particular vintage element that you would like or are having problems finding, I ask because I am guessing that I will be getting short of ideas before then end of the month for one but also it would be nice to actually create something for you that you would particularly like, so pop any requests in the comment box and I will do my best.

Her we go then today you get three for one :-) sort of it is one element and changed for different use's if you know what I mean.

After all I said yesterday about thes dam download links I seem to be having some problems with Skydrive today ggggrrrrr, cant win anyway I really am hoping that everyone will be ok with the 4 Shared link if not please let me know and I will forward the file to you by email. Or even if anyone has a suggestion of a site that they can recommend that would be awesome.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Day Two Freebie

Today I have a vintage paper for you, I know that may sound a bit boring but we all need those papers for our layouts yes.

It would seem that sometimes a few people have had problems trying to download or open the files from 4 Shared so I have decided to use two download options and you can now also download from Skydrive which seems to be a much simpler option. My only issues with using Skydrive is that there are no stats to tell you how many times the file has been downloaded and although that is no big issue really it doe's help to know which files are the most popular so I can spend more time on creating the kind of items that you all like to use most. So I would be really grateful if you decide to use the Skydrive download option to just leave a quick comment to say you have downloaded that way I can keep some kind of track on what you want the most of :-)

The vintage frame seemed to be a big hit and so I will be offering some more frames later, tomorrows freebie will be a bit more exciting and I am working on maybe putting a couple of items in, time willing that is.

So here is today's preview, hope you like it and look forward to seeing you drop by for tomorrow's take care and have great weekend.

If anyone still experiences any problems downloading please email me at and I will send the file to you by attachment.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Freebie A Day For A Month!!

Hi all a quick post for you today, I was listing some idea's last night for my blog here and have decided it would be great fun to do a freebie a day for you so that will be my challenge for the month and providing life doesn't get in the way I will be posting one freebie a day for the next month :-) do you like that idea.

Vintage will be the theme so I hope to have some great freebies coming up for your heritage pages and the first one up today is a vintage frame, I hope you like it.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Freebie Kit For July - Weather Be Good

The theme for July's collab kit at Hummies World was summer weather which I found a tough one for me in deciding what type of elements to create and I wasn't particularly in love with the colour palette but I got there eventually. I am more a lover of pastel shades and prefer a softer style, but then I don't design for just me so I guess there will be someone who will find use for this kit, well I do hope so anyway lol. Contributions from other designers are not yet available but will be available for you to download at Hummies World at the end of the month as normal.

As usual I would love to see the layouts that you may create or any hybrid projects made using the kit, so don't forget to send me your links and I can add your creations on my blog here with a link to you.

Hope you have fun using this kit