Choosing Your Title

Choosing a title for a layout is as important as the photos themselves, but sometimes I have a complete blank or better known as writers block and I bet this has happened to you too!

When this happens I try to think about my journaling and pull something that stands out in the story I have to tell. As you can see in my double layout below I had a big story to tell about my photographs but just one simple word taken from the journaling was all I needed to set the tone of the layout. 

So next time, you create a layout that uses journaling, try choosing one or two words from your story to use as a title. It can really set the tone for your digital scrapbook layout!


A scrapbook without journaling becomes just a pretty photograph album but this will work with some pages where the photograph says it all and speaks for itself, but in general your
journaling is just as important as your photographs.
In addition to our photographs, journaling helps us to remember the smaller details pertaining to our pages, like dates or names of places. These details are easily forgotten over time and our memories fade.

Here are some simple tips to help you:

Write from your heart, try to remember what makes that memory special to you, what would you like to remember most about that particular day or moment.
Using a poem, quote or even song lyrics are powerful and useful techniques when you are unable to find the words you want to convey your feelings or thoughts.

Use fonts sparingly and try to stick to just a couple of fonts to give your page an even flow, it is so easy to get carried away and overload your layout.

Use spell check, I always forget to do this myself and very often after I have uploaded a page to the gallery I will notice spelling or typo errors. Worse still would be to have layout's printed and then find these kinds of errors.

Your hard work will pay off when your layouts are handed down through generations, so just enjoy your scrapping and share your memories through your journaling.
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