Did you know that using the short-cuts in PSE can help to reduce the amount of time spent creating your layout’s, that has to be good yes, because this means you get more layout’s created in shorter amount of time. Here you can learn all about short-cuts, print yourself a list and keep by the side of your pc and it won’t be long before you know them all of by heart making your work quicker.

A short cut is a special key combination that causes a specific command to be executed. Typically, short cut keys combine the Ctrl or Alt keys with one or more other keys. An example of one that many people use on a regular basis is Ctrl+C - the short cut key to copy.

Photoshop and Photoshop Elements also come with many built-in short-cuts that help make the tasks you do on a regular basis much quicker. Below is a list of the most popular short-cuts. Please keep in mind that these are listed as Windows short-cuts. If you are on a Mac you will substitute Cmd for Ctrl.

New File
ctrl n
Open file
ctrl o
Close file
ctrl w
Save file
ctrl s
Save file as
shift ctrl s
Print file
ctrl p
Step backward (undo)
ctrl z
Step forward (redo)
ctrl y
Free transform
ctrl t
Apply transform
Copy selection
ctrl c
Paste selection as new layer
ctrl v
Image size
alt ctrl i
Swap background/foreground color
Repeat last filter used
ctrl f
Adjust hue/saturation
ctrl u
Show/hide ruler
shift ctrl r
New layer
shift ctrl n
Copy layer
ctrl j
Group layers
ctrl g
Ungroup layers
shift ctrl g
Merge layers
ctrl e
Select all
ctrl a
ctrl d
Invert selection
shift ctrli
Zoom in
ctrl +
Zoom out
ctrl -
Fit on screen
ctrl 0
Fill with background color
ctrl backspace 
Increase brush size
Decrease brush size
Increase brush hardness
shift ]
Decrease brush hardness
shift [

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