Monday, 11 July 2011

Day Four Freebie - Vintage Floral Shoe

I am really excited about today's freebie as it is my favourite so far, it took me hours to create this one but am really pleased with the results so I hope you are too. I added some rosebuds to the element this morning and could not make up my mind which one I liked most, so I thought why not just put both files in  and you can choose which one to use. You may have to look hard to see the difference though lol.

Now I am having real issues using Skydrive for some reason it its doing some real wierd stuff with the files so I have removed all Skydrive links and I will have to have a rethink on this problem, so for the time being we will just be using 4 Shared until I can find a solution to the problem. Most of the time 4 Shared fares quite well and it is only the odd download that seems tobe presenting a problem for some. Again if you have any issues with 4 Shared drop me a email and I will forward the file by email.

As you know I celebrated my anniversary yesterday and promised some photo's eeekkkk - I forgot to take my camera with me... hahahaha can you believe it, I can, have a head like a sieve lately. Anyway I have got some photo's of the lovely roses my DH bought me so I will upload those later and add them on here.

But for now here is your link to today's freebie, hope you like it.

Download Link here

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